Community-based forest resource conservation activities

including afforestation in the Khao Ta Pha community forest area.

Planting edible trees

to benefit the local population in the future.

Involvement in joint local watershed management projects.

Tree planting and mushroom cultivation

activities on July 18, 2566, in the community forest behind the Nong Satit School.

Offering alms to temples

on July 24, 2566, providing items such as fluorescent tubes, rain shower curtains, and monks’ requisites to three local temples: Don Tha Na, Hin Da, and Sa Mai Daeng temples.

Road cleaning activities

on May 22, 2566, to clean the village access roads in Nong Satit Village.

Community welfare activities

The village committee organized public welfare activities on the auspicious occasion of the King’s 70th anniversary on July 28, 2566. These activities included tree pruning along the control road, trimming grass along the village access roads, and distributing 5,000 Baht in financial support from Union Woodchip Company Limited within the Kittiwana Group of Companies.